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IMG_4159Hi all! It’s so cold outside so here is a cosy outfit perfect for this time of the year!

Hat – New Look
Coat – Topshop
Skirt- New LookCardigan – Primark

Keep warm and have a beautiful day! xxx


How I Maintain Blonde Hair ~ CatchAnEye

Untitled1As many of you know I went from brown to blonde about 7 months back. I am not going to lie it was hard work! I will do a blog post on that process at a later date. Recently I have been getting lots of questions on how i maintain my bleached hair. I would just firstly like to say that this may not work for everyone it’s just how I do it!

1 – Dont wash your hair more than 3 times a week. 

Some people find this really gross but it is actually really unhealthy to wash your hair every day. It strips the natural oils out of your hair. Not only will it strip a lot of the colour out but it will dry your hair out so much more. If you are worried about getting greasy hair opt for a dry shampoo. One of my favourits is Batiste. There are so many great ones on that market at the moment. You can actually train your hair so it doesn’t get as greasy as often by leaving it longer and longer every time you wash it.

Here is a link of some great  dry shampoo alternatives!

Woman shampoo2 – Picking the right shampoo

When it comes to shampoo its really important you pick the right one for you! I have listed a few ones down below that are for more targeted goals. so whether you are trying to get rid of the brassyness, restore the condition or sooth a sore, itchy scalp there just should be one for you!


3 – Conditioner

Conditioning your hair is essential. Especially if you have used bleach. So please don’t skip this step! Your hair is far more prone to snapping off if you don’t use a conditioner! I am not fussy with my conditioner I have never used one that hasn’t done the job.



download (1)4 – Hair Treatments

There are some amazing hair treatments out there! I use mine twice a week as my hair is quite brittle. One of my favorites is Lush’s Marilyn Hair Treatment. It gets rid of all the brassy tones in your hair and leaves it super soft!

[Quick Tip! – After applying your hair treatment wrap it up in cling film to heat up your hair faster!]

I have done a review on this product I will link it here!

I will link some other great hair treatments for blonde hair down below!

If you are on a budget I did a review on a DIY hair mask made from Mayonnaise of all things! I will link that here too!

5 – Root Touch Upshair-dying-1_300

This one is a biggy! Once you have got your desired colour and you want to touch up the roots (at home) try not to dye over already blonde hair. Try to avoid the ends and just apply the dye to the roots. IF you have bought a dye kit especially designed for lightening hair it will usually have separate instructions for just root touch ups. Just something to bear in mind!


6 – A few extra tips!

  •  Always use a heat protection when styling with heat
  • Never rub your hair with a towel it can damage it quite considerably
  • Get a hair cut regularly to get rid of the dead ends


I hope this helped someone out there! Stay tuned for my brown to blonde post! If you have any tips for me please let me know down below!

Have a beautiful day! xxx

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment?! Eiw

mayoSorry for my lack of pictures but at the time I had no idea how amazing it would work!

My hair is so over processed and damaged. I have tried so many conditioning treatments that are over priced, and useless may I add! I did some research on home remedies and this one popped up time and time again! The Mayonnaise Treatment!

Mayonnaise is made up of egg and oil which is packed with protein. Protein is is what makes your hair strong and shiny. Exactly what the bleach knocks out of it! This is all well and good but too much protein can make your hair hard, sounds strange I know, it can start snapping off. If your going to try out this treatment, which I totally recommend you do! Use it in moderation!

Step 1. Comb through your hair so there is no knots or tangles

Step 2. Slather on the mayonnaise

Step 3. Cover with a shower cap or cling wrap so it doeskin get EVERYWHERE

Step 4. Leave it on for as long as possible!  (I left mine for around 4 hours)

Step 5. Rinse out thoroughly with shampoo and condition as normal

A few warning’s… If you don’t mind the smell of mayonnaise you will by the end of this! Also it makes your hair feel gross! Don’t let this put you off. Its worth it!

I was left with shiny soft hair! I’ll defiantly be using this treatment once a week. Let me know if you give it a go!

Have you got any DIY home treatments that I could try out?

Have a beautiful day! xxx