Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas {nails}


I finally got my Christmas nails done! I am lucky enough to work at a beauty salon and got these fab nails done today!

They are simple yet beautiful!

I hope you get some ideas from this post!

Have a magical Christmas! Xxx Continue reading


OPI Mani – Dont Give a Rotterdam!

IMG_3991I know I only just changed my nail polish but working in a beauty salon makes it so tempting to change up my colour every few days or so!

Today I went for this gorgeous shimmery grey! Its called “Dont give a Rotterdam!” by OPI.

On the ascent nail I have “Lucerne-tainly look Marvellous” by OPI ..Ye I dont get it ether! I love this colour so much! Its more a gun-metal grey. I wish I used it on all the nails. Maybe next time! 

What colours have you been loving this Autumn?

Have a beautiful day! xxx

Mani of the Week ~ OPI- Yodel me on my Cell



PicMonkey Collage

Since getting acylic nails (I know..I know..They are terrible for your nails!) I have been really enjoying experimenting with new fun colours for the coming Winter!

Today I tried out OPI’s Yodel me on my cell and I love it! It’s such a gorgeous transitional colour for the changing seasons!
I added in some chrome studs to make it a bit more unusual!

I thought this outfit went perfectly with it!

~ Yodel Me On My Cell – OPI
~Tartan Skirt  – Daisy Street
Knee high socks – Primark
Jumper – Romwe

Have a beautiful day! xxx

How To ~ Apply False Nails [Ft Elegant Touch]

38514de0-0a26-4a76-8873-9039102fe0c5wallpaperI am a nail biter. There I said it! My nails are always in shocking condition. For my job my nails need to look at least half decent! After hearing all the horror stories about acrylic nails, drills, infections and just constant maintenance, I always opt for the stick ones! I guess it is just personal preference! So after the last year or so of being a falsie wearer I have picked up on a few tips I thought I would share!

Personally I always go for short or petite artificial nail. Broadway Nails do a really nice selection of shorter and longer nails. Today I used Elegant Touch. They do some really fun prints that are perfect for the Spring /Summer months!

Here are my 10 easy steps to follow!

Step 1 – Ensure you have got EVERYTHING ready.
What you need: Nails, nail glue, a file or buffer, acetone, cotton rounds and cotton buds



Step 2 – Determine the nail size you need. Set them out ready. I have entered in a picture of how I find it easiest.
[QUICK TIP – You may not be the same size on both hands so go through each finger separately]



Step 3 – Prep your nails. Remove anything from your nails. Nail polish, old glue, dust, any moisture. If there is anything on your nails the glue will not stick properly. Now is a good time to do any cuticle work that you fancy doing! Personally I do nothing to my cuticles!


Step 4 – File and buff! File your nails down if they are longer than the false ones. Buff the nail surface to reduce any ridges.
[QUICK TIP – My nails last so much longer if I buffed before hand]



Step 5 – Apply a small amount of glue to the center of the nail.
[QUICK TIP – When I say small I mean tiny! The glue will spread and if there is too much it will run and spill everywhere!]



IMG_3477Step 6 – Apply to your natural nail. Ensure you push it right back to the cuticle and hold firmly for 10 seconds
[QUICK TIP – with another finger pull the top of your skin away from the nail. It is so painful trying to pry skin away from that glue! TRUST!]

Step 7 – Do the same on every nail




Step 8 – Snap off the tabs. Not all falsies have these taps but they are extremely handy!
[QUICK TIP – Never twist just bend back and forth]




Step 9 –  File off the tops if there is any sharp edges from the tabs.



Step 10 – Clear up any glue from around the edges with a cotton bud soaked in acetone.

ENJOY your beautiful new nails!IMG_3483

Here are the nails that I used!

March Favorites // CatchAnEye

IMG_3379So I haven’t blogged in over 2 weeks.. I’m not going to make any excuses about excessive work because the truth is..I have been lacking so much motivation! However I am back!

Lets get on with it! March has been a really nice month in beauty for me! I have run out of a lot of things and have been trying new things!



Sleeping-Beauty-Wallpaper-sleeping-beauty-6259616-1024-768but first….Memory Foam!

I could not leave this out of my March favorite. The other half and I were really struggling with sleeping, back aches and just general groggy-ness when we wake up. We decided to splash out and purchase a new memory foam mattress and King size bed frame! I am in love.. I really do struggle to roll out of bed now. 100% recommend memory foam. It can be slightly pricey but if you do your research you can find one on eBay for under £100.





Moving swiftly on to the beauty side of things. I have been loving Barry M’s Gelly nail paints. In particular I am really enjoying Pomegranate. It is a bright pinky red. Almost coral. I’ll be honest I am completely a dark nail kinda girl but recently I am been loving bright and pastel nails. It’s all your gorgeous Spring pictures you have all been posting on WordPress!



IMG_3380Now Spring is here I am all about the dewy fresh finish! I recently purchased MUA’s new highlighting powder in Undressed. It’s a beautiful shimmer pink powder. It suits my pale complexion perfectly. However I think it would suit any skin tone really well!IMG_3385



Now this is my newest product..after giving into the blog hype of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Now I am not sure if you can get this out of the UK but it has answered all my concealer prays! It lasts all day and covers anything. I mean anything…


Hair Care

IMG_3381I have been trying out a new hair care routine. When I get it right you will be the first ones to know! MY hair is bleached, damaged and snapping off! Oh the benefits of being blonde!   I am currently trying out Redken’s Anti-Snap hair care line. I got a mini tester kit which comes with shampoo, conditioner and an anti-snap leave in serum. I am liking it! I haven’t noticed too much of a difference after 2 uses but it smells sooo good!!


Skin Care

Going to be honest my skin is appalling right now so I am not going to recommend anything but if you have any suggestions please do let me know!!


Body Care

garnier_body_oil_beauty_oil-infused_nourishing_lotion_250mlI have been liking the new body lotion, Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion. It doesn’t leave me feeling sticky and I can get dressed straight away. I have noticed that I itch a lot less now and I have a suspicion this is to thank for it! Only down fall…it smells funny!



There are some exciting fashion trends coming out this Spring and Summer! Including pastels, daisy print and bright splashes of colour. My favorite for this March is PRIMARK! There are some amazing pieces coming out this Spring including this little beauty..I could not resist it!! I am still trying to figure out how to style it but I am determined to wear it to college tomorrow to brighten up my day in that dull classroom!



IMG_3387I almost forgot about this! My new Spring scent is Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume.

Top Notes: Dark Plum, Wild Berry and Bergamot.
Heart Notes: Red Velvet Flower, Rainbow Plumeria and Natural Jasmine Sambac.
Base Notes: Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart and Liquid Praline
I don’t know what it is about the combination but it is just perfection for me! Not going to lie the bottle is really pretty too!

So this post is very varied! Do let me know if you prefer that or would just like me to stick to a certain topic like fashion or makeup. Top Picks

I recently came across this amazing website, I highly recommend you check it out! They offer international shipping and have a great return policy. What I love about this site is that they give you outfit ideas and they also have a blog.

I also have a 30% discount code for all you lovely lot, which I will write at the bottom.

So here are my top picks! 


First up is this shift dress. I honestly couldn’t choose between the colours that they have. I have no idea which one i’m going to order! I think this kind of dress can flatter any shape body. At only £30 its a bargain.





I think these of one of my favorites! Black cut out buckle boots. Cut out ankle boots are everywhere! I think they add an edgy look to any outfit! I can see these looking amazing with the shift dress. What would you style them with?





Next up is this gorgeous tan shopper bag. I am definitely a bag kinda girl, and I need this in my collection! It is the kind of bag that will go with any outfit! For only £10 it’s not going to break the bank!



This hot pink studded clutch bag really court my eye! Its a perfect for a night out and would look amazing against a black dress as a pop of colour! Again this is a really affordable price at only £7.





So there are my top picks! They also sell finishing touches such as Eylure lashes and Barry M nail varnish.

So here is the 30% off code – LFA30 The code will be valid on LOVE full-priced items only

Have a beautiful day xxx

Gosh ~ Frosted Purple – My first love of 2014

IMG_3050Hey guys! I hope you had a brilliant New Year!

I haven’t been that impressed with the January sales this year but I have found a few makeup bits that I’m really excited about, Gosh nail polish being one of them!

I’ve never really taken much  notice of Gosh, it’s always looked slightly overpriced and I don’t hear many people raving about it. I thought I would take a look anyway. This stunning colour caught my eye straight away and when I looked at the price I HAD to get it! It was onlIMG_3053y £1.99!

It’s from their Frosted Sand Look Collection. As I said before the shade is Frosted Purple. It’s a glittery matte finish. It feels slightly rough…like sand (duh) but not chunky.

I really love it! I only needed one coat and it dried pretty much instantly.

It’s defiantly going to be one of my go-to colour this year!

Have you tried anything else from Gosh?

Have a beautiful day xxx