Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas {nails}


I finally got my Christmas nails done! I am lucky enough to work at a beauty salon and got these fab nails done today!

They are simple yet beautiful!

I hope you get some ideas from this post!

Have a magical Christmas! Xxx Continue reading


OPI Mani – Dont Give a Rotterdam!

IMG_3991I know I only just changed my nail polish but working in a beauty salon makes it so tempting to change up my colour every few days or so!

Today I went for this gorgeous shimmery grey! Its called “Dont give a Rotterdam!” by OPI.

On the ascent nail I have “Lucerne-tainly look Marvellous” by OPI ..Ye I dont get it ether! I love this colour so much! Its more a gun-metal grey. I wish I used it on all the nails. Maybe next time! 

What colours have you been loving this Autumn?

Have a beautiful day! xxx

Mani of the Week ~ OPI- Yodel me on my Cell



PicMonkey Collage

Since getting acylic nails (I know..I know..They are terrible for your nails!) I have been really enjoying experimenting with new fun colours for the coming Winter!

Today I tried out OPI’s Yodel me on my cell and I love it! It’s such a gorgeous transitional colour for the changing seasons!
I added in some chrome studs to make it a bit more unusual!

I thought this outfit went perfectly with it!

~ Yodel Me On My Cell – OPI
~Tartan Skirt  – Daisy Street
Knee high socks – Primark
Jumper – Romwe

Have a beautiful day! xxx

How To ~ Apply False Nails [Ft Elegant Touch]

38514de0-0a26-4a76-8873-9039102fe0c5wallpaperI am a nail biter. There I said it! My nails are always in shocking condition. For my job my nails need to look at least half decent! After hearing all the horror stories about acrylic nails, drills, infections and just constant maintenance, I always opt for the stick ones! I guess it is just personal preference! So after the last year or so of being a falsie wearer I have picked up on a few tips I thought I would share!

Personally I always go for short or petite artificial nail. Broadway Nails do a really nice selection of shorter and longer nails. Today I used Elegant Touch. They do some really fun prints that are perfect for the Spring /Summer months!

Here are my 10 easy steps to follow!

Step 1 – Ensure you have got EVERYTHING ready.
What you need: Nails, nail glue, a file or buffer, acetone, cotton rounds and cotton buds



Step 2 – Determine the nail size you need. Set them out ready. I have entered in a picture of how I find it easiest.
[QUICK TIP – You may not be the same size on both hands so go through each finger separately]



Step 3 – Prep your nails. Remove anything from your nails. Nail polish, old glue, dust, any moisture. If there is anything on your nails the glue will not stick properly. Now is a good time to do any cuticle work that you fancy doing! Personally I do nothing to my cuticles!


Step 4 – File and buff! File your nails down if they are longer than the false ones. Buff the nail surface to reduce any ridges.
[QUICK TIP – My nails last so much longer if I buffed before hand]



Step 5 – Apply a small amount of glue to the center of the nail.
[QUICK TIP – When I say small I mean tiny! The glue will spread and if there is too much it will run and spill everywhere!]



IMG_3477Step 6 – Apply to your natural nail. Ensure you push it right back to the cuticle and hold firmly for 10 seconds
[QUICK TIP – with another finger pull the top of your skin away from the nail. It is so painful trying to pry skin away from that glue! TRUST!]

Step 7 – Do the same on every nail




Step 8 – Snap off the tabs. Not all falsies have these taps but they are extremely handy!
[QUICK TIP – Never twist just bend back and forth]




Step 9 –  File off the tops if there is any sharp edges from the tabs.



Step 10 – Clear up any glue from around the edges with a cotton bud soaked in acetone.

ENJOY your beautiful new nails!IMG_3483

Here are the nails that I used!

Gosh ~ Frosted Purple – My first love of 2014

IMG_3050Hey guys! I hope you had a brilliant New Year!

I haven’t been that impressed with the January sales this year but I have found a few makeup bits that I’m really excited about, Gosh nail polish being one of them!

I’ve never really taken much  notice of Gosh, it’s always looked slightly overpriced and I don’t hear many people raving about it. I thought I would take a look anyway. This stunning colour caught my eye straight away and when I looked at the price I HAD to get it! It was onlIMG_3053y £1.99!

It’s from their Frosted Sand Look Collection. As I said before the shade is Frosted Purple. It’s a glittery matte finish. It feels slightly rough…like sand (duh) but not chunky.

I really love it! I only needed one coat and it dried pretty much instantly.

It’s defiantly going to be one of my go-to colour this year!

Have you tried anything else from Gosh?

Have a beautiful day xxx


The Clothes Show Live 2013 Haul

IMG_2899Go grab a cup of tea, its gonna be a long one!

If you saw my previous post you would know I went to The Clothes Show Live! They had some many good deals and temptations!

I’ll start with perfume first!

IMG_2884There was a Top Model stall. They were advertising the Top Model Woman fragrance that has just come out! We had a spritz and didn’t think much of it! Later that day the smell settled into a really lovely soft smell and I had to go back and grab it before they ran out! Your not gonna believe this deal! I am glad I got it at the end of the day because it was very heavy.

Originally the fragrance sells for £50. It was £20 PLUS the 4 other perfumes for FREE! I figured they would make great Christmas and birthday presents. Bargain!

  • It came with –
  • Top Model Woman Gift Set
  • Love in Paris
  • Eternal Romance
  • Disguise
  • Dimond Geezer


IMG_2888Next we had to go the Barry M. Its my sisters favorite! They were doing goodie bags for £10. We split it and spent a fiver each. I’m glad we did because she already have a few of the polish colours in there. Another amazing deal!

In my half I got  –

  • Nail Effect in 321 – A gold shimmer crackle colour
  • Limited edition in Lilac Foil
  • Nail Paint in Silver
  • Dazzle Dust it 15 – A green shimmer colour
  • Lip Gloss in a nude colour
  • Silver Glitter Stick
  • Super Soft Eye Crayon in No.9

That alone was worth more than £1o never mind the rest!

IMG_2890Rimmel were doing goodie bags too. They were £5 each. You could choose from 2. I got the Retro Glam package. I s bought it for the Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara. I have been wanted to try this since it came out

It came with –

  • Scandal Eyes Mascara
  • Instant Tan – I’m probably going to give this to a friend
  • Salon Pro Nail Varnish in Desire – It’s a gorgeous winter colour
  • A sample of the Wake Me Up Foundation




IMG_2894I think Models Own was one of my favorite stalls. It was £10. Once again me and Becky split it. You could pick 3 nail colours and get the rest for free!

This is what I got –

  • Nail Polish in 148 – It’s such a stunning colour. Lilac with almost holographic shimmer in it!
  • Nail Polish – I think this was a Clothes Show Live exclusive as it doesn’t have a name. It’s a chunky glitter blue polish
  • Eye Liner Pencil in Brown
  • Models Own Shadow applicator
  • A nail file
  • Lip Balm – It almost smells like a candle but I love it!


IMG_2896I’m almost at the end I promise! We were stopped by a lovely lovely guy from Limitless Photography. He offered us a deal we could not pass up! It was also the perfect birthday present for my best friend Katie.

It includes –

  • Wine and Champaign all day! – Cant say no to that..
  • Hand Massage
  • Facial
  • Manicure
  • Hair styled
  • Makeup done by a MAC makeup artist
  • A photo shoot and prints at the end

We are all so excited!!!

IMG_2886Lastly..I’m going to be a bit of a party pooper here…We had platinum tickets which meant we had really good seats at the cat walk and a free goodie bag. Seeing as we paid around £22 extra the goodie bags were shocking! I have to admit the bags were gorgeous. “I’m with glamorous —->”

They included –

  • A show guide
  • Free Cat Food – Yes…cat food?!
  • Sure deodorant
  • A hair tie
  • Smints – They are yummy
  • A panty liner…I know right?!
  • Elvive hair samples
  • A big pile of flyers

Ermm..thanks Clothes Show?

I can defiantly look past it and im defiantly going next year!!

Im finished! Phew!! I had an amazing time and I hope you did too if you went! xxx












Sweater Weather Tag

fallThis tag has been all over YouTube recently and I love watching them! Seeing as I’m not brave enough to do videos yet I thought way not blog it instead! Although its only November I think the majority of the UK is feeling very Christmassy at the moment! The temperature is dropping, the Christmas lights are going up and pumpkin spice has hit Starbucks!

1. Favourite candle scent?

This is going to sound odd but the candle I have chosen I don’t actually own.. So here is a massive hint to family and friends… I completely love the smell of Yankee candles Vanilla Satin! It’s so cosy and warm!

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

This is an easy one!! I don’t drink tea or coffee so it has to be hot chocolate all the way! For my birthday my friend got me a yummy hot chocolate set and some caramel syrup! Its to die for!

3. What’s the best fall memory you have?

It has to be at my grandparents one Christmas. It was Christmas eve and it started to snow and me, my sister and my cousins had a huge snow ball fights and made a 6 ft snow man!

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?

Can I pick both?! I’m a huge fan of both! If I really have to pick one…dark lips.

5. Best fragrance for fall?

Hmm…The fragrance I seem to be reaching for the most is Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume. It’s a gorgeous blackcurrant scent and perfect for winter!

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?

In the UK we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving but we do love our roast dinners on a Sunday so I’ll go with that instead. It has to be a homemade Yorkshire pudding! With gravy and chicken..mmm…Ok stop now my tummy is rumbling.

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?IMG_2745

In England it’s mostly cold and rainy but we do get some gorgeous days. The sun shines but it’s still cold, perfect for a winter walk in the park!

8. Most worn sweater?

I’m constantly switching it up.. I do love one that I got recently though…Maybe not for outside the house but its super cute and cosy to lounge around it!

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?

It has to be the new, and very popular Barry M Matte collection. In particular I really love the shade Burgundian Crush. I can tell this is going to be my go-to polish.

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Obvious one..Jumping in leaf piles!

11. Skinny jeaIMG_2628ns or leggings?

In the house leggings. Outside defiantly skinny jeans! On those super cold days..leggings underneath skinny jeans! So BOTH!

12. Combat boots or Uggs?

I have dodgy ankles so Uggs or any copies of them look completely ridicules on me!! Combat boots all the way! I love the grungy look of them!


13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Never tried it!

14. Favorite fall TV show?

Hmm…I don’t really know. Do Christmas films count?

15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?

Christmas songs 😀 None in particular, I love them all. I’m one of the annoying people who sings Christmas songs in November! Ma bad!

That’s all the questions 😀 I hope you enjoyed reading. It was so much fun to write!


Have a beautiful day xxx