Halloween, Birthday & Giveaway Winner!

Hello hello.


I hope you all had a spooky and magical Halloween! I defiantly IMG_2509did. Me and my friend Katie went up to Bournemouth to visit my sister at Uni. We had an awesome night out and had so many giggles.

Its my birthday tomorrow.  I’m 22 if you can believe it?? So it was a mini celebration for that as well. Be sure to stay tuned for my makeup and outfit tomorrow!!

Anyway down to business! The giveaway winner is KAVI!

It was chosen at complete random.Thank you so much to everyone who entered and the great ideas you guys gave me! I wish I could send something to all of you! Although I don’t know you personally I’d like to think you were all my friends. We all give each other so much encouragement and I feel blessed to be in such a great blogging community!

If you could send me your address in a private message that would be perfect! rachelfryer@live.comIMG_2522IMG_2515

Sorry its short and sweet but I will love you and leave you!!

What did you dress up as on Halloween?

Have a beautiful day!! xxx


Halloween Nurse

IMG_0243Soo…There has been some super amazing talented makeup inspiration on WordPress at the moment for Halloween. Here is my poor contribution! This wasn’t actually this year or last year for that matter but I thought it was appropriate seeing as I have been working at the hospital this year and I hope it gives someone somewhere some inspiration!

I actually got my idea from Silent Hill. The nurse that cries blood.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? IMG_0242

200 Follower’s Giveaway <3

4560dc3a-b565-4c11-a6b0-d425efb4fadbwallpaperA HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported and followed my blog! Iv finally reached 200 and its all thanks to you beautiful people!

When I started I never thought anyone would want to actually read what I wrote, it was just a bit of fun. Its turned into one of my biggest passions and I plan to carry on for a VERY long time!

So….I wanted to give something back! I know its not much but I chose mostly things you can only get in the UK at the moment just so it could give someone from another country the opportunity to try them out!

Of course its completely international. All you have to do is follow my blog and leave me a comment down below telling me what you want me to write about and share with you! The winner will be announced on the 31st

So yep…As always have a beautiful day! xxxIMG_2445