My Summer Essentials!

IMG_3584Well summer is in full swing! Woohoo! So its about time I got my butt in gear and made a summer essentials post! Plus I’m not going to lie… I’m missing my blogger friends!


First things first…If you are pale I feel ya pain! Lets be honest we are not made for this weather!! However if your not fair skinned this “essential” is still really essential!!  So keep on top of that sun cream application! It’s recommended that you apply it every 2 hours. I am all for getting a nice glow but you can actually get a tan even if you wearing sun protection so there is no excuses!





Not only do they look gorgeous but they will actually enable you to see instead of squinting! Squinting is one of the biggest causes of pre-mature wrinkles! Keep those pesky crows feet away and buy a pair!

Mine are from Newlook, I am loving the matte finish on them. Primark also has some really cute affordable ones right now!

I did a post of picking frames to suit your face shape that you can check out here!



Water is a essential all year round but particularly important during the summer. Not only does it keep you hydrate but it makes your skin flawless! Personally I do not drink enough water so I am going to try my best and purchase one of these really cute water bottles. Its much easier to get the amount you need when its right there in front of you! Its recommended that you aim for about 2L of water a day.  If your not a fan of water you can always chop up some fruit, I like strawberries, and throw them in there for some flavour! Also keep a glass by your bed!



Fake it till you make it!download-1

False tan is a much safer way of having that sexy summer glow. So instead of cooking yourself in the sun opt for a cheeky spray tan! If you are more body conscious do it yourself with one of these great alternatives! St. Tropez gives you a beautiful, natural looking tan as it doesn’t have that orange pigment in it that everyone is so conscious of!

You can purchase St.Topez products here!



Treat yourself to a new bikini or swimming costume! Tis the season after all!

I love this from Newlook!



This summer I am loving play-suits! Or rompers as they are called in America! This one I am sporting is rather an equired taste but I love it! I got this one of my trip to America a few years back! 

I am also loving coral and orange colours! I got this beautiful top from Primark for just £5. I love the chain strap details!




No-one likes their hair in their face when it is hot and sticky outside! This is my go-to hair style as of current! It is so easy and perfect for days when you want your hair completely out your face! You can customize it with a few summery accessories too! Personally I like to mix the edgy and girly look with a few curls and this spiked head band!

May I just add this hair isn’t mine! I wish!


Keep it natual! This BB cream from The Body Shop is a great option if you want a light coverage! Always opt for waterproof makeup in the summer too! Ya never know what could happen!





So there they are! What are your summer essentials? Do you have any plans this summer? Let me know down below!

Whatever you are doing stay safe and have a beautiful day! xxx




200 Follower’s Giveaway <3

4560dc3a-b565-4c11-a6b0-d425efb4fadbwallpaperA HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported and followed my blog! Iv finally reached 200 and its all thanks to you beautiful people!

When I started I never thought anyone would want to actually read what I wrote, it was just a bit of fun. Its turned into one of my biggest passions and I plan to carry on for a VERY long time!

So….I wanted to give something back! I know its not much but I chose mostly things you can only get in the UK at the moment just so it could give someone from another country the opportunity to try them out!

Of course its completely international. All you have to do is follow my blog and leave me a comment down below telling me what you want me to write about and share with you! The winner will be announced on the 31st

So yep…As always have a beautiful day! xxxIMG_2445

DIY Body Scrub

This is a ridiculously easy and quick DIY post, showing you how to make a body scrub. This is perfect for when your on a budget because I guarantee you will have these things in your cupboard. I’m not just saying that I promise! It’s great for feet, knees, elbows and hands!

IMG_1757What you will need!

Sugar – Any kind. I used Caster.

Oil – Again any kind. I used baby oil but you can use olive oil or anything else you have!

Small bowl

Something to mix with


I’m not going to bore you with the details so here’s a few short steps to take!

1. Pour sugar into bowl, as much as you think you will need

2. Add baby oil. Id say 2 parts sugar, 1 part oil

3. Mix into a think past that keeps its shape

4. Apply to body and work into the skin

5. Rinse off

That’s it! Told you it was east. I applied it to my feet and now their baby soft!

Have a beautiful day xxx

My Bikini Collection

IMG_1623So keeping in with the summer theme that seems to be running through the WordPress beauty community at the moment, I thought I’d share my bikini collection with you.

All this hot weather has meant that I tend to wear my bikini underneath everything just in case! ( I swear that should be written on my grave stone, I seem to say it at least three times a day). Going through my bikini collection and managing to have a different one on every day of the week has made me think..a bit much?? for me anyway!

Enough rambling..I’ll get started. I keep all my bikinis in this blue basket. Not the prettiest but it does the job. I’ve recently moved out, I say recently its been at least three months, and I’m still getting everything just how I want it. Pretty boxes are next on my list!

This bikini bag is perfect because  if I do get wet and change it wont soak everything in my bag. I got this one from Primark for around £2.

Don’t quote me on prices I cant remember exactly this is just a rough idea of how much they cost me at the time.

IMG_1602This one is from H&M, I think its one of the only strapless ones that I own

Top – £6.99

Bottoms – £4.99





IMG_1604This one is from Newlook, It just a fun 2 piece with a Pop-Art Cartoony feel to it.

Top – £9.99

Bottoms – £9.99





IMG_1607This one is also from Newlook and one of my personal favorites, I think its the Peacock kind of colours and 3D beads. I also get compliments on this bikini.

I got this bikini in the sale last year for about £5, so defiantly check out this years sales.






IMG_1609This ones got a nice little story to it. I went to visit the city Bath, I had no swimming things with me and we thought it would be a great idea to go to Bath Spa. If you get a chance defiantly go. Its a beautiful outdoor pool over a natural spring about 5 stories high. Gorgeous views.

So anyway I popped into Topshop and looked in there sale as I wasn’t overly fussed about what it looked like, just wanted something cheap. I found these little beauty s for around £5 each which is brilliant for Topshop. They don’t match but I like that about them.




IMG_1613This one is my eBay steal. I got it for £7 including postage. Its a Ed Hardy knock off but I still love it.

The I took a picture of the back of the bottoms just to show you a bit more detail.






IMG_1615This is probably my most “fashionable” bikini and also my most expensive bikini!

This one is from Topshop and I got this for around £35. Ouch.

I do have to say th0ugh it was well worth it. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture but its a caged bikini and iv never seen anything like it.





IMG_1619This bikini was actually from Ann Summers in the sale last year for £4.

I didn’t get any bottoms but I figured I would save the money and wear it with black or grey bottoms.






IMG_1617Last but defiantly not least is my all time favorite bikini from Newlook. Its a daisy print with rhinestones on it. I did have the bottoms but I think they got lost in the move 😦 but I can just wear it with plain black bottoms

This was around £12.99





I hope you enjoyed this and are enjoying the sunshine as much as me. xxx