My Every Day/ Work Makeup!

1507736_10153726654215162_2131371238_nJust a quicky! Here is my every day makeup. I have just done a whats in my makeup bag post, so if you want to see everything I used I will link it [here]

Have a beautiful day xxx


Whats in my Makeup Bag?! <3

DSCF1075Ohmygosh! Just wrote the whole post and my laptop crashed…joys of technology!! Whats in my makeup bag TAKE 2!

Hi guys. I hope your all having a lovely day and staying safe in this awful weather!

So what better way than to spend a rainy day in my pj’s blogging and listening to Boyband hits? (Shh!)

If your interested in having a nosy in my makeup bag then keep reading! First here is a quick disclaimer! I don’t wear all of this every day. I like to keep my makeup quite natural for work. I have a bigger collection of colours and products to play around with. So if you want me to do a separate makeup collection post I’ll be happy to do that!

I am not going to go into detail about each product because I am planning on doing full reviews for each. Watch this space!


DSCF1079Face Prodcuts

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in the shade 002 VanillaDSCF1082

Mac Studio Fix Powder

Soap and Glory Solar Powder in the shade You Glow Girl bronzerDSCF1081

MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter

HD Brows in Bombshell

Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral DSCF1084ConcealerDSCF1083

Mac Select Cover-Up Concealer in NC15






DSCF1086Eye Products

Rimmel Scandeleyes Mascara in 001 Black

Avon Glitterstick in Black Ice

Yanquina Waterproof Eyeliner

Urban Decay Primer Potion

NYC Individual Eyes Palette in 942 Smokey Blues



I also keep Lush Honey Trap lip balm and The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream in there as well!








I did a separate post for my every day makeup brushes so I will link it [here]






1507736_10153726654215162_2131371238_nI have link as much as I can. Whats in your makeup bag?? I would love to know

Have a beautiful day! xxx

My Top 10 Beauty Secrets

audrey-hepburn-quotes-beauty1So I was asking my beautiful friends and followers what posts they would like to see. You all came up with amazing suggestions and I’m slowly getting my way through them! I was asked my the lovely Mariah, you can find here blog here, to do my top 10 beauty secrets. They are more tips than secrets but let’s get into it







This is a nail related tip. If your nails are feeling weak and brittle then instead of going out and buying treatments just soak with nails in some virgin olive oil for 10 minutes every night for a week and they will back up to scratch in no time at all!


Stay away from the metal! Try and avoid buying the hair ties with the metal on them. Over time it can rip and damage your hair leading to frizz and breakage.


Use a silk or satin pillow case. It causes less friction on your hair and face. This can help with avoiding those pre-mature wrinkles and waking up with frizzy damaged hair.

No. 4

Keep your lip balm and hand cream next to your bed. If your like me and constantly forget to do the little things then leave them next to your bed. My mind seems to think “they are there, might as well use them”.


Throw away those expensive spot treatments. If they work for you then great! However I find good old Tea tree oil works amazingly on those pesky spots. It reduces them over night and I kinda like the smell! You can also have it handy for other things. Those who have piercings, we all know how easily they can get infected. Pop a drop of Tea tree oil on it when you feel it getting sore and it will be gone in no time.


Eye cream! Start early with the eye cream I have been a carer for the elderly for over a 2 years now and they are constantly telling me to start with the eye cream. It prevents pre-mature wrinkles, it takes 30 seconds and you can get some really inexpensive ones. What have you got to lose??


Cut your hair! This may seem like an obvious one. If your constantly applying heat or bleach to your hair then you need a good trim every month or so. Don’t hold on to those locks. In the long run your hair is going to look so much more healthier. You don’t have to pay for it ether. I trim mine myself and I haven’t had any disasters yet. You can search for tutorials on YouTube.


Have a lighter handy. No I don’t smoke. Lighters are amazing at softening eyeliner pencils. Instead of forking out ££ for an expensive eyeliner just melt the top of a cheapo one for no more than 3 seconds and it will be pigmented, soft and go on beautifully! My sister taught me that one. Thanks Becky!


White eyeliner pencil. We all want bright, awake and refreshed looking faces and white eyeliner is brilliant for that. Instead of using black swipe on some white eyeliner onto your waterline and also the inner corners of your eyes.


Last but not least, SMILE! As the beautiful Beyonce says “A woman is most beautiful when she smiles”

I hope you found some of these useful and Id LOVE to see what your beauty secrets are!!

Have a beautiful day xxx



My SkinCare Routine

IMG_2489I thought I would try something different today and show you my skin care routine. My main reason for doing this is my skin is on its best behavior right now and I think I have just about got my skin care routine spot on!

The most important thing to remember is everyone skin needs are completely different and just because it works for one person, no way means it works for another. I found that out the hard way and now have a bin full of half used skin care products.

As you have probably noticed it don’t use lines of products. I mix and match to find the right combination for me.

My skin type is combination which is a right pain in the butt! I have dry patches and a oily T-zone. My problem area is defiantly my chin.

So lets get stuck in!



Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash – This is from The Body Shop and its one of my all time favorites. I have re-purchased it time and time again. It says its for combination/oily. I love it because unlike other face washes for oily skin it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry. It removes my facial makeup perfectly and no it doesn’t smell like seaweed thank goodness! I use this at night time only. You can find it here.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub – This is the UK’s No.1 scrub brand, or so it says!  I use the one for sensitive skin. I found the original one is a little bit too harsh for my skin and left it feeling sore! This scrub smells beautiful. It doesn’t break me out and you only need the tiniest bit so it lasts for AGES! That’s all I can say about it really… I use it probably every other night. You can find it here.

L’oreal Skin Perfection Velvety Soft Toner – This is defiantly my favorite item in my skin care routine. This is what I think keeps my skin clear. I got lazy with toners until I tried this one out. It refreshes your skin. Removes all the impurities and leaves your skin feeling baby soft! I recommend this 100% for all skin types! I use this twice a day. You can find it here.

Johnson’s Daily Nourishing Day Cream –This has an SPF15 that can never be a bad thing! I have tried lots of moisturizer’s and never been fussy with them, until my skin started getting really dry. This is perfect because it lasts for 24 hours. It sinks into the skin. Feels lovely and smells lovely! I use this twice a day. You can find it here.

Murad Eye Cream – I wont say much about this one because I don’t think it does much. However Iv started using eye creams in the chance it will warn off any premature wrinkles! I received it in a glossy box. Going to be honest, I put it on when I remember!

Pretty:perfect Eye Roll On – I got this really really cheaply. I was just looking for something to wake my tired eyes up in the morning. It certainly does that. It feels cool and refreshing! I use this once a day in the morning. I’m not entirely sure where you can get it sorry!

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex – Now I’m only 21 years old and I really like using this! Same as the eye cream really. I’m warning off the premature wrinkles. I do have a really irritating squint line on my nose though from not wearing sunglasses. Wear sunglasses kids! I put it on once in the morning and just reduces the line. It smells lovely and I really do like it! I got it as a free sample but you can get it here.

Avon’s Planet Spa Facial Mask – Last but not least… This is a Thailand lotus flower deep pore cleansing facial mask. A bit of a mouth full! This mask is my favorite that I have tried.  It smells gorgeous. It easy to apply, easy to remove and does what it says! Its also really affordable. If your like me and get bored of sitting with your face still for 15 minutes, give this one a try. It only takes 5 minutes to set. I use this once a week. Sometimes twice if my skin is playing up! You can find it here.

It seems like a lot looking back on it!

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Have a beautiful day xxx



200 Follower’s Giveaway <3

4560dc3a-b565-4c11-a6b0-d425efb4fadbwallpaperA HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported and followed my blog! Iv finally reached 200 and its all thanks to you beautiful people!

When I started I never thought anyone would want to actually read what I wrote, it was just a bit of fun. Its turned into one of my biggest passions and I plan to carry on for a VERY long time!

So….I wanted to give something back! I know its not much but I chose mostly things you can only get in the UK at the moment just so it could give someone from another country the opportunity to try them out!

Of course its completely international. All you have to do is follow my blog and leave me a comment down below telling me what you want me to write about and share with you! The winner will be announced on the 31st

So yep…As always have a beautiful day! xxxIMG_2445

July Favorites <3

IMG_1744A lot of people have done these and personally I love reading them and watching them on YouTube. So here goes…

I have been loving a lot in the past month. I’m actually trying to use everything up before I buy and try out some new products, because I’m not going to has been tight this month. So if you do have some DIY posts or just no of any great bargains at the moment, let me know!

So let me just grab a few things together, take a few pictures and I’ll get started! […10 minutes later…]


  1. Revlon PhotoReady Makeup – 002 Vanilla – This foundation is brilliant. The coverage is medium but build-able. It blends effortlessly, The shade choice is brilliant and it gives your skin a lovely natural glow in any light! [here]
  2. Collection 2000 Colour Pout Lip Stain – Heartbreaker – Iv been raving about this to everyone! The colour is a lovely bright pink. Again its build-able so if you did want a subtle colour it can give you that as well. Doesn’t dry out your lips. It lasts all day and its my go to lip product! [here]
  3. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – In love! This brush is a miracle! I use this for anything from foundation to concealer and even bronzer. It blends everything in seamlessly! [here]

Skin/body care

  1. Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream – Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk –I cant tell you how much I love this product!! The scent is..mmm! That’s the only sound that comes out of my mouth when I try to describe it! It leaves your skin silky soft and smelling delicious all day! I always get compliments after putting this one on! I’m running low so I’m going to stock up! [here]


  1. Cherry Blossom – I have just noticed that 2 of my favorite things are cherry blossom scented! The first one is shown above. The next one is from Avon! Its one of there fragrance spritz’s. Its also delicious! It doesn’t  last that long on your skin but it’s cheap enough to re apply when ever you want a top up! [here]
  2. Avon’s Little Black Dress – I’m sensing another theme here! Yep another Avon product. This time its a roll- on deodorant! I get bored of the usual fresh smelling ones. This one smells gorgeous! [here]


  1. Toni&Guy Prep Smoothing Detangler – My hair has been so brittle this last few months and this has been a life saver. You just need the tiniest amount and it works perfectly! It doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky or heavy like some others I have tried. It does what it says on the tin! [here]
  2. Boots Salon Performance Hair Trimmer –  As I have been on a budget I have been learning some new techniques to trim my own here and this is perfect for trimming my fringe! [here]


  1. Eylure Eyebrow Shapers – I have been doing my own eyebrows since a lady completely messed them up in the salon! These shapers are perfect for amateurs like me! They come in little strips that are the perfect shape for your brow! Place them on…and rip them off! Easy as that. Trust me..they don’t even hurt! [Tutorial coming soon!] [here]
  2. My Purse –  My Mumma surprised me with a new purse the other day and I looove it! Its bright pink with owls on it. It has space for everything! I’ll try and find out where she got it from. [here]
  3. Organizer – I showed this in a previous post. Its gorgeous. Also with owls on! Its perfect for organizing work, social occasions and birthdays! It has a space for notes, addresses and your details. [here]

So that’s it…i’l have links to everything on the word’s “[here]”

I’d love to see yours so link it below! Have a gorgeous day xxx

ps- Sorry for the glitch on the hair section! Im trying to fix it x

Avon Goodies

IMG_1191My sister has recently been looking to make some extra cash and decided to start selling Avon, which for me is a win win situation! I placed my order and soon enough came home to a big bag full of goodies.




1. Planet spa, Thailand lotus flower deep pore cleansing face mask – £3.30

As i am writing this blog iv currently got it on and first impressions are looking really good. It smells amazing, it doesn’t irritate the skin and its easy to apply.IMG_1195

Its extremely affordable at only £3.30 for 75ml. The packaging is cute. Its a lovely shade of lilac with a cute thai design on it.

Iv just washed it off and its left my skin feeling smooth and clean. It was unbelievably easy to wash off unlike some of the other face masks I have used.

Very impressed Avon. Cant wait to make this part of my skin routine.


2. Little black dress, Roll on antiperspirant -£1.30

Not sure if its just me but I find roll on deodorants have a really boring smell. Clean but boring. Id tried out a sample of the little black dress fragrance before and its really lovely. Unfortunately I have way too many perfumes to justify getting another one right now. Saw this in the magazine and thought it would be prefect.

At the price of £1.30 I will defiantly be repurchasing this as soon as it runs out.


3. Cherry Blossom fragrance mist – £2.00

This fragrance mist is divine. Not much else I can say about it. It has a true smell of cherry blossom and I love it. One thing I will say though is that its not very long lastly but with the price of £2.00 you can always re apply it as much as you want. Its also the perfect size (100ml) to pop into your hand bag

4. Daily Hair Refresher, Cherry Blossom – £1.20

Since I got the body mist I thought I would try out the Hair refresher in the same fragrance. I only wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week as it doesn’t need washing very much. This is a perfect way for me to refresh my hair and make it smell like its just been washed. Iv also heard that the heat from your head disperses fragrances really well.


5. Color Trend Nail Topcoat, Fuchsia Dazzler – £3.00 Please excuse the poorly painted nailIMG_1202 IMG_1204

Im showing the top coat over the nail varnish I have talked about below which is called Blue Morph. They cost £3.00 each or 2 for £4.00. Iv also inserted a picture of it by self. Its what it says on the tin. A purple glittery top coat with small and big glitters in. Very pretty.





6. Color Trend Nail Enamel, Blue Morph – £3.00IMG_1200

Not so impressed with this nail varnish so far. It takes at least 3 coats to get it anywhere near the color in the bottle. Saying that it is actually a really beautiful color. I haven’t testing the staying power yet so if you do want to know just comment below and I’m sure I’ll be able to let you know by then




7.Glamourstick Cosmic Eyeliner , Blackened Night – £2.99

I really struggled to get a accurate picture of it but its a really beautiful eyeliner. Its black with tiny blue and silver glitters in it. The eyeliner itself is creamy and easy to apply. Its also really smudge-able. Its self sharpening so no need to carry around a sharpener. I’m defiantly going to get a few more shades next time I make a order.



Im really impressed with everything that I got this time around and will defiantly be repurchasing all of it. You can find it all at and select the link to Shop Online.

Have a beautiful day xxx