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e28ed92a-6dac-4dae-85d1-842cec6e269cwallpaperNow I am no stranger to a good pamper evening once or twice a week! I think it’s so important to take some time out of your busy week to have some ‘me time’.

I don’t know about you guys but I can only seem to relax when my flat is clean and tidy! So I start my evening off with tidying and organizing the flat! I like to open all the windows and let in a bit of fresh air!DSCF1191

Now that’s out the way I can finally chill!





IMG_3097Hair Mask

I apply a hair mask, the one I am using tonight is Marilyn from Lush. It is great if you have natural or bleached hair. It takes your hair from brassy to classy in under 20 minutes! I did a review of it that you can check out here. For a more purse friendly alternative you can simply use mayonnaise! For more information on that click here.



Bath Time!f8d85406-aee6-44b8-8094-ffb0e0d17e1bwallpaper

Run a bath using your most luxurious bath goodies! I am using another Lush favorite, Shoot for the Stars. Light a few candles and let your stressed soak away!
I like to use a good body scrub in the tub! I am using Spa Finds Heavenly Hydrating Salt Brushing. It’s the best scrub I have ever tried! Its made with the salt crystals from the dead sea and is rich in Coconut Oil.
Now would be the perfect time for hair removal! Personally I use Venus and Olay razors along with their shaving gel. It leaves my legs silky soft!
I finish up with a scrummy smelling shower gel!


DSCF1163Hair Care!

Rinse out that hair mask under some clean warm water and follow-up with your usual hair care routine. I am constantly changing up my hair care! I am currently using Dove Heat Defense Shampoo and Conditioner. I am also trying out L’oreal Elvive Full Restore Hair Mask.
Give your hair a break from all the heat and let it dry naturally! Also try to avoid brushing your hair until it is completely dry!
I also like to use Aussie Miracle Recharge leave in conditioner and Avon’s Moroccan Argan Oil Spray. They leave my hair feeling very soft and manageable!



Body Care!garnier_body_oil_beauty_oil-infused_nourishing_lotion_250ml

When I came out of the bath it is essential that I add all the moisture back to my skin. My legs can get very itchy, particularly in this cold weather! I am currently loving Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion. It smells divine and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky! A full review will be up soon!



DSCF1175Skin Care!

What better time to slap a face mask on than a pamper evening! I am currently loving Spa Finds Balanced Beauty range! This is the skin care line we use at the place I work. It is packed with minerals and oils that skin loves! Full review will be up soon for this too! Whatever brand you are using remember ~ Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise!
It is also really important to use an eye cream. You are never too young to look after the delicate skin around your eye!



Hands and FeetDSCF1180

Gives those digits some love! Remove any chipped old nail polish and give your fingers and toes a make over with your favorite colour! I picked Topshop’s Nail Polish in Blitz.





Get into your comfiest snuggest jammies! Settle down with a nice drink of your choice! My favorite is currently peppermint tea. It really relaxes me ready for a good night sleep!


Now go and relax!

Have a beautiful day xxx


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