My Essential Brushes

IMG_3134I was giving my brushes a clean and thought I would show you my essential brushes that I use of a day-to-day basis. These are all inexpensive brushes that work perfectly for me!

Face brIMG_3139ushes

My favorite face brushes are a mix of brands, with Real Techniques being at the top of my list!

Real Techniques Powder Brush – This brush is awesome. It’s really soft, doesn’t shed and is the perfect size for my face. It gives the face a flawless finishIMG_3136

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – I’m constantly changing up the purpose of this brush. It’s great for foundation, concealer, highlighter and contouring. What I love about this is it doesn’t leave streak marks and it fits into the contours of my face perfectly. What do you use this brush for?

IMG_3140Joursna Professional Brush – These are actually a great dupe for the Real Techniques brushes. I got this one from a cheap online store for a few pounds. It’s great for stippling on your foundation and buffing it into the skin. It gives the skin an almost air brushed look.

Angled brush – This was a really cheap brush that I got in a set. It’s not particularly soft or special but it doIMG_3137es the job of bronzing nicely!


Eye Brushes

IMG_3141Spooley Brush – The name of these always makes me laugh. This is also a really cheap brush I got in a set that is great for combing through your eyebrows after you fill them in to make them look slightly more natural.



No.7 Fluffy Blending Brush – Can you tell that I have no idea what this one is called? This brush is really soft and amazing for blending your eyeshadow. Perfect for creating a smokey look.IMG_3143

Topshop’s Smokey Eyes Brush – I love this brush! I got it a while ago and have used it every day since! The domed end is great for applying eyeshadow or blending it out. It’s also great for the crease colour.IMG_3142

The angled end can be used for multiple things. I like to use it on my lower lash line to add some colour. It’s also great for gel liner, filling in your eyebrows and applying eyeshadow.

I store my brushes in this super cute perfume container filled with rice!

Have you got any brushes that you recommend me trying out? Iv linked all the websites I can!

Have a beautiful day xxx


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