Lush ~ Marilyn Hair Treatment Review

IMG_3097As you saw in my previous post I placed an order on the Lush website. One of the things I purchased was Marilyn. Marilyn is a hair treatment designed for natural or bleach blonde hair, hence the name Marilyn! It claims to ‘help blondes lighten and brighten their hair and take out the brassiness‘.

First things first. The price! This 225g tub cost me £8.95. This seemed slightly pricey to me but I thought I would give it ago!

First impressions

I love the packaging of Lush. Its so…raw? Is that the word I’m looking for? If your a lush fan you know what I mean! Another great things about their packaging is that they recycle it! If you bring back 5 clean, full sized pots you get a free face mask. Bonus!

When I opened it I was not expecting the consistence. It is so runny it got EVERYWHERE! So if you are trying it out for the first time open it over the sink! IMG_3098

Now lets get on to the smell.. Slightly odd. The first thing it reminded me of was plastic. Yep plastic! Slightly off putting but you do get use to it! When I looked back on the website one of it’s main ingredients is lemon juice. You cant really smell it in there but hey ho!


As Marilyn is a pre-wash treatment you apply a generous amount from root to tip before shampooing. When I applied it I did it over the sink because like I said before its extremely runny. I scooped a good amount into my hand and applied it to my hair. I found the easiest way is to take a shower comb and spread it that way. I then put my hair up in a bun and simply left it for a good 30 minutes. It does say to leave it on for 20 minutes but in my opinion the longer you leave it the better the results!

I rinsed it out and continued my usual hair care routine. The plastic smell completely disappeared thank goodness!

The results

IMG_3085The results are amazing! It left my hair super soft, shiny and brighter than before! It didn’t leave my hair with any residue or feeling greasy like some of the others I have tried.


I would recommend this to everyone! Even if you don’t have blonde hair I think it could benefit you. My blonde looks blonder and in amazing condition after only 2 uses. 10 out of 10. Well done Lush!

Have a beautiful day xxx


9 thoughts on “Lush ~ Marilyn Hair Treatment Review

  1. natleeman says:

    ooh, this sounds good! I might have to try it, since I do dye my hair a lighter blonde, although i’m naturally blonde it’s dark blonde, so hopefully this will help it stay bright & light 😀

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