New Hair ~ Beauty on a Budget

IMG_2734As most of you know I went blonde! I’m finally happy with the colour. If you want to know how I maintain and got to this colour just let me know and I’ll be happy to do a post!

I’m low on money at the moment and I am always looking for cheap beauty fixes and I found one!

My local hair dressers was doing a training day for there junior stylists. Its a great way for them to practice there techniques. Plus a great way for you to save money!

My hair cut was completely free, so always keep your eyes open for great opportunities like this!

What do you think? She did a amazing job and I LOVE it! 1395221_10153432616530162_923307576_n


Have a beautiful day! xxx


9 thoughts on “New Hair ~ Beauty on a Budget

  1. You look classier in this cut, not that you were bad looking before, hell no, but I think this is more sophisticated 😀 I love it! She did a great job 😀

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