Mayonnaise Hair Treatment?! Eiw

mayoSorry for my lack of pictures but at the time I had no idea how amazing it would work!

My hair is so over processed and damaged. I have tried so many conditioning treatments that are over priced, and useless may I add! I did some research on home remedies and this one popped up time and time again! The Mayonnaise Treatment!

Mayonnaise is made up of egg and oil which is packed with protein. Protein is is what makes your hair strong and shiny. Exactly what the bleach knocks out of it! This is all well and good but too much protein can make your hair hard, sounds strange I know, it can start snapping off. If your going to try out this treatment, which I totally recommend you do! Use it in moderation!

Step 1. Comb through your hair so there is no knots or tangles

Step 2. Slather on the mayonnaise

Step 3. Cover with a shower cap or cling wrap so it doeskin get EVERYWHERE

Step 4. Leave it on for as long as possible!  (I left mine for around 4 hours)

Step 5. Rinse out thoroughly with shampoo and condition as normal

A few warning’s… If you don’t mind the smell of mayonnaise you will by the end of this! Also it makes your hair feel gross! Don’t let this put you off. Its worth it!

I was left with shiny soft hair! I’ll defiantly be using this treatment once a week. Let me know if you give it a go!

Have you got any DIY home treatments that I could try out?

Have a beautiful day! xxx


6 thoughts on “Mayonnaise Hair Treatment?! Eiw

  1. I tried this and got totally grossed out by the smell, and I wasn’t overly pleased with the results to be honest… I found that olive oil worked pretty well though! 🙂

      • Yeah I wasn’t impressed to say the least :/ it’s really gross with grease when you put it on and it takes quite a while to wash it all out properly (you put shampoo directly onto it because obviously water and oil don’t go well together) but with a couple of rounds of shampoo it leaves it lovely and soft and shiny 🙂 x

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