Ripped To Shreds OOTD & Review

UntitledA company called contacted me and asked me if I would take a look at their website, pick a few things out and share them with you gorgeous people. I’m not being paid for anything so these are my real opinions on the site!

When I took a look I thought this is going to be perfect for Christmas! Anything you could think of is on this site including fashion, beauty, household goods and much more,  and for ridiculously cheap prices!! The shipping is free. The only downfall is the location. It’s in China so if your going to buy for Christmas leave around 3 weeks for the shipping. IMG_2619

Of course I went straight to the fashion category and found these gorgeous pieces to try out. I’ll leave links to where you can get everything here…

Top –

Leggings –

Head piece –



Firstly id like to say that the customer service I received was lovely! The communication was great and I really hope that’s not just because I am a blogger.

The shipping time was good… It took around 2 weeks to get here which is reasonable!

The quality is good. I say good because some of the items are lovely however one of the items you can tell its quite cheap. The leggings are soft and silky and are really comfy to wear. The top is also really nice quality, however the headpiece is slightly tacky. Only the feel of it. I think it looks quite pretty on, what do you think?

They ship internationally and they also have a currency converter which is always handy!!

All in all I’m really impressed and would defiantly purchase from them again!

Have a beautiful day xxx




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