Dr Jart + Premium BB Cream Review

dr-jart-premium-bb-creamI was scanning through my news feed and saw a post on BB creams. I do apologies I forgot whose post it was but if it was you..Thanks! I was looking for a BB cream that was good for pale skin. I have tried a number of BB creams but they have always left me with an orange tint which I really don’t like or they show up the dry patches on my face and make them look way worse than they are. I saw that Dr Jart was raved about after reading a few other reviews and decided to give it a go. I got the 15ml sample on eBay for £4.00 including postage so you can’t really go wrong..right?

My first impressions

The packaging is really nice. Really clean and classy. I think the full size version comes with a pump as well which is really good, but for a smaller size a squeeze tube is no problem. It has SPF of 40 which is great.

As soon as I applied some to my hand I thought this is way too dark! I started blended it in with my fingers and the product completely disappeared and adapted to my skin tone! I decided to leave it on my hand for an hour or so just to see if it oxidized or changed colour at all and it didn’t!IMG_2429[1]


The consistency is really nice. Its thick but not gloopy. I applied it to my skin and like i said before it was way too dark! I used my fingers to blend it in. The more time you spend blending the better it looks! One thing I didn’t like was the shininess. It just didn’t seem to set! I applied my usual face powder and it settled into a nice dewy finish.


It’s a very light coverage which is nice for good skin days! I did have to use a bit of concealer for the problem areas. If you’re looking for something just to even out your skin tone you should give it a go.  As the picture shows it didn’t cover my blemishes.

Staying power

I was really impressed. It lasted practically all day!


  • It adapts to my skin tone well
  • The packaging is lovely
  • Nice consistency


  • You need a powder to set it
  • It only come in one shade
  • It’s a tad pricey at £24 for the full size (40ml)

You can check it out for yourself here

Have you tried this BB cream? Can you recommend me anymore for pale skin?

If you haven’t already don’t forget to enter my giveaway here

I hope this helped someone and as always have a beautiful day xxx


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