NYC Haul & Mini Review

IMG_2373I went shopping with my mum today and on the way home I had a peek into Superdrug. I’m constantly looking for new affordable things to try out and these were defiantly affordable.

They are from the NYC line. They had an offer on, spend £5 and get a free NYC Smooth Skin Primer. I needed a new primer so I thought why not.





First I picked up the NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm. It cost me £1.99. Iv been wanting to get my hands on the Baby Lips in Cherry Me but there constantly sold out, so I’m going to try this out instead. It smells of artificial apples which is a bit sickly, especially on the lips. You get a fair bit of product and its the perfect shape for applying easily without needing to use a mirror. The colour is a dark pink/red with shimmer in. It’s very sheer which I like. However it does feel like it just sits on my lips rather than sinking in and moisturizing them. I do like it though.


Next I picked up NYC Individual eyes in Smokey Blues. It cost me £3.99. It doesn’t contain any blue colours but it is designed to bring out the colours inIMG_2377 blue eyes. They had sold out of the green eyes so I thought Id give this a go as my eyes are fairly light. The colours are beautiful in the packaging but I was slightly disappointed  with my swatches. One thing I really love though is that it comes with a creamy eye primer and an illuminator. There a gorgeous texture and the illuminator is really lovely. They also tell you where to put each colour which is great for beginners!





Finally, the Smooth Skin Primer. I’m excited about this! I think it would usually cost £3.99 but don’t quote me on that! It’s a lovely silky texture and has tiny shimmer which really brighten up the skin. First impressions I love it. IMG_2380IMG_2379



Il defiantly be doing a more in-depth review and a look using these products so stay tuned!

Have a beautiful day xxx


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