Abbey Dawn Shoe Unboxing – Rock on boots

IMG_2316IMG_2314I recently signed up to It’s an international website. You basically take a survey and it shoes you your style matches in shoes, bags and much more! What more could a girl want you say? Well…There prices are unbelievable.

I saw these boots in my picks and squealed with excitement. There were a bit out of my price range at £49.99 but they are beautiful, plus they are originally £100. I was still hesitant to pay that much for them. Then something amazing happened! A pop up came up to tell me that I get 50% off my first order. I got them for £24.95 with free postage!

If you want to check it out please use my link and share it with your friends!

They arrived in a HUGE box from I opened it up and this was what was inside. IMG_2309

I love love love the colour and their attention to detail with the packaging.


The boots are lace up all the way from the top to the bottom. There textured beautifully and the buckle is to die for! IMG_2315

Well that’s me spent up for a little bit and of course will be my new obsession for a while. Well…A few weeks at least!

What do you guys think?

Again, here is the link

Have a beautiful day! xxx


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