Beauty and Fashion Haul!













Can I start off by saying to my gorgeous boyfriend..I “needed” this? [Puppy eyes]

Lets get started 😀 Went on a bit of shop till ya drop with my mum today and surprisingly didn’t spend that much money! So I had to show all my steals with you!


Firstly we went to PoundLand and I picked up a few bits. Rimmel London eye trio in the shade Dark Angel


Next in PoundLand I picked up this Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer (bit of a mouth full!) in the shade Natural and it’s actually a pretty good match! Again only £1!! So go and grab them while stocks last!


Lastly bit not least at PoundLand I wanted to try out this hair treatment as I ran out of my Tresemme a while ago! It’s Mellor&Russell. Now iv never heard of this brand but I am excited to try it out. It’s there hair repair mask with Argan Oil. Cant really go wrong for £1!


We popped into Primark to take some bits back and this caught my eye. They are these thick leggings perfect for winter with gorgeous zip details and sticking on! They were also a bargain for £6.


Next was TKMax. Every time I go in there I always find something that I completely love! This time is was these high top Sketchers. They reminded me of the high top Converse but more SPARKLY! These were £9.99 but my mum kindly put £5 towards them! Thanks mum!

Onto the next section and can you see where I’m going with this one?? Fingers crossed I don’t turn copper or green and I’ll defiantly update you as soon as its done!


  1. Nutrisse Truly Blonde in the shade Ultra Light Very Ash Blonde. I picked up 2 of these just in case  the colour wasn’t as vibrant. These were 2 for £9
  2. John Frieda Sheer blonde highlight activating Shampoo and Conditioner. Iv heard some amazing things about this stuff! These were 2 for £10
  3. Lastly its the Lee Stafford Hot Shots 4 Blondes and this just gets out all of the copper and yellow tones you may have. This was usually £7.99 but free with the shampoo and conditioner. (3 for 2 offer on at the moment at Boots)
  4. Of course I showed you my steal that is the hair treatment by Mellor&Russel £1

Expect plenty of reviews coming soon and a big change in my hair colour! Have a beautiful day! xxx


5 thoughts on “Beauty and Fashion Haul!

  1. I didn’t know PoundLand sold makeup O.o PoundLand has seriously been a lifesaver though. I’ve saved so much money by buying stuff from there instead of paying 5+ for the same thing.

    • Ye! There is some reeeally good stuff at the moment. I heard in some of the bigger ones there selling OPI nail vanish so defiantly check it out! How are your adventures so far? Loving the blog posts on it! x

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