Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial

nail1Here is the long awaited nail tutorial’s. Sorry it took a while but she is a very busy bee at the moment preparing to go to university in September. Enough of the rambling, let’s get into it!

As I said in a earlier post my sister, Becky, is really talented in nail art! She has agreed to do some nail tutorials to go up on my blog! YAY.

Hi, I am Becky, Rachels older sister. She has asked me (well, told me) to do a blog post showing you how to do some of my nail art.

The first tutorial I have decided to do is, sticking with a summer theme, strawberry nails. So here goes!

You will need:nail2

  1. Barry M Nail Paint (Shades Spring Green 290 and Matt White 66),
  2. Avon Nailwear Pro+ (Shade Red Bombshell)
  3. A dotting tool (I got this one from Ebay but you can just used a cocktail stick)

(There is a list of the brands I used but any brand that is close to those shades will work fine!)

Step 1

Paint all of your nails white, accept the nails next to your baby fingers which need to be painted red, with 2 coats.


Step 2

On your middle finger and thumb, paint a large red half circle on 1 corner of each nail using the brush from your nail varnish.


Step 3

Using your dotting tool, put small white dots horizontally  on the end of each of the red nails (I done 2 rows of 3 on each) and small red dots on the remaining white nails in a diagonal line across half of each nail and small white dots inside the big red dots.


Step 4

Using your dotting tool, put three green strips on top of each big red dot for the stalks. Et voila!


If you like you can put a top coat on of your choice. The design may last longer on false nails. Mine are all real and lasted around 2 weeks without a top coat.

Hope you enjoyed!

Let Rachel know if you have any other requests and I’ll see what I can do! xxx


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