Broadway Nails First Impressions

IMG_1755[1]This is the Broadway Nails Color Changing Kit. I’m not 100% sure what the exact name is because I actually got these in America when I went around 2 years ago. Iv only just got round to trying them out!!

I got them from Walgreen’s for around $4.00 I think. Don’t quote me on that but I remember them being really well priced!

This is the first time I have ever applied or used fake nails. I was a bit skeptical because I don’t really like the look of fake nails. That’s just my opinion! They look great on some people though.  However these nails are the short edition so they look a lot more natural!

They are suppose to change colour on the tips from white to pink. Currently there is no sun in sight in Devon so I cant try that out yet but I will defiantly let you know!220

It also comes with glue which is perfect for a fake nail virgin!


As I said before I think they were around $4 which is amazing value for money.


The design is stunning! What you cant see in the picture is the sparkle on them. Not tacky sparkle, classy sparkle! Its a gorgeous teal colour on parts of the stars. I think the design is a great way to shack up the french manicure without being too over the top! They also have loads of other designs online.


You get 24 nails in a pack in 12 different sizes which is great because my nails are quite small. They actually fit really well. There is bigger sizes in the pack if you do have bigger nails. I also like that they have lots of spares just in case they do come off! I think I will take them on my trip to London in a little plastic bag with some glue!


They were super easy to apply. They actually have a little tab at the end of them to hold when applying the glue and applying them to your nail which makes minimal mess and saves you sticking your fingers together, sounds like something I would do! The instructions are marked clearly on the back and are really easy to follow. When taking off the little tab I thought it would pull my nail off but it came off really easily!

Drying time

They only take 5 seconds to dry and it doesn’t feel like they are coming off any time soon!

Would I repurchase?

100% yes! I’m actually looking at some more designs online now!

As this is just a first impressions I don’t know how long they will last but I will keep you posted!

Have you guys tried out any other fake nails that you could recommend?

Hope you enjoyed and have a beautiful day!


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