July Favorites <3

IMG_1744A lot of people have done these and personally I love reading them and watching them on YouTube. So here goes…

I have been loving a lot in the past month. I’m actually trying to use everything up before I buy and try out some new products, because I’m not going to lie..money has been tight this month. So if you do have some DIY posts or just no of any great bargains at the moment, let me know!

So let me just grab a few things together, take a few pictures and I’ll get started! […10 minutes later…]


  1. Revlon PhotoReady Makeup – 002 Vanilla – This foundation is brilliant. The coverage is medium but build-able. It blends effortlessly, The shade choice is brilliant and it gives your skin a lovely natural glow in any light! [here]
  2. Collection 2000 Colour Pout Lip Stain – Heartbreaker – Iv been raving about this to everyone! The colour is a lovely bright pink. Again its build-able so if you did want a subtle colour it can give you that as well. Doesn’t dry out your lips. It lasts all day and its my go to lip product! [here]
  3. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – In love! This brush is a miracle! I use this for anything from foundation to concealer and even bronzer. It blends everything in seamlessly! [here]

Skin/body care

  1. Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream – Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk –I cant tell you how much I love this product!! The scent is..mmm! That’s the only sound that comes out of my mouth when I try to describe it! It leaves your skin silky soft and smelling delicious all day! I always get compliments after putting this one on! I’m running low so I’m going to stock up! [here]


  1. Cherry Blossom – I have just noticed that 2 of my favorite things are cherry blossom scented! The first one is shown above. The next one is from Avon! Its one of there fragrance spritz’s. Its also delicious! It doesn’t  last that long on your skin but it’s cheap enough to re apply when ever you want a top up! [here]
  2. Avon’s Little Black Dress – I’m sensing another theme here! Yep another Avon product. This time its a roll- on deodorant! I get bored of the usual fresh smelling ones. This one smells gorgeous! [here]


  1. Toni&Guy Prep Smoothing Detangler – My hair has been so brittle this last few months and this has been a life saver. You just need the tiniest amount and it works perfectly! It doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky or heavy like some others I have tried. It does what it says on the tin! [here]
  2. Boots Salon Performance Hair Trimmer –  As I have been on a budget I have been learning some new techniques to trim my own here and this is perfect for trimming my fringe! [here]


  1. Eylure Eyebrow Shapers – I have been doing my own eyebrows since a lady completely messed them up in the salon! These shapers are perfect for amateurs like me! They come in little strips that are the perfect shape for your brow! Place them on…and rip them off! Easy as that. Trust me..they don’t even hurt! [Tutorial coming soon!] [here]
  2. My Purse –  My Mumma surprised me with a new purse the other day and I looove it! Its bright pink with owls on it. It has space for everything! I’ll try and find out where she got it from. [here]
  3. Organizer – I showed this in a previous post. Its gorgeous. Also with owls on! Its perfect for organizing work, social occasions and birthdays! It has a space for notes, addresses and your details. [here]

So that’s it…i’l have links to everything on the word’s “[here]”

I’d love to see yours so link it below! Have a gorgeous day xxx

ps- Sorry for the glitch on the hair section! Im trying to fix it x


3 thoughts on “July Favorites <3

  1. I’ve been loving my Real Techniques brushes as well 🙂 I also have a lot of cherry blossom scented products from Bath and Body Works. I don’t know if the scent is actually what cherry blossoms smell like, lol, but I still love it.

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