My Sisters Nail Art Talents

Unlike myself my sister is983_196714070481270_1110947126_n really talented at nail art.

Firstly let me introduce her. She’s called Becky, shes around a year and a half older than me which makes her 23. We’re super duper close and shes my best friend. Isn’t she gorgeous!

So anyway here’s some of her nail art. She doesn’t know it yet but shes going to be featured on my blog once every week or so..(pleeease becky).

Here are a few of her masterpieces. Enjoy!






32430_132153590270652_58571152_n 3459_132153450270666_2008985796_n 969037_217708208381856_1224564431_n 68044_132153326937345_2105352232_n


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