My Bikini Collection

IMG_1623So keeping in with the summer theme that seems to be running through the WordPress beauty community at the moment, I thought I’d share my bikini collection with you.

All this hot weather has meant that I tend to wear my bikini underneath everything just in case! ( I swear that should be written on my grave stone, I seem to say it at least three times a day). Going through my bikini collection and managing to have a different one on every day of the week has made me think..a bit much?? for me anyway!

Enough rambling..I’ll get started. I keep all my bikinis in this blue basket. Not the prettiest but it does the job. I’ve recently moved out, I say recently its been at least three months, and I’m still getting everything just how I want it. Pretty boxes are next on my list!

This bikini bag is perfect because  if I do get wet and change it wont soak everything in my bag. I got this one from Primark for around £2.

Don’t quote me on prices I cant remember exactly this is just a rough idea of how much they cost me at the time.

IMG_1602This one is from H&M, I think its one of the only strapless ones that I own

Top – £6.99

Bottoms – £4.99





IMG_1604This one is from Newlook, It just a fun 2 piece with a Pop-Art Cartoony feel to it.

Top – £9.99

Bottoms – £9.99





IMG_1607This one is also from Newlook and one of my personal favorites, I think its the Peacock kind of colours and 3D beads. I also get compliments on this bikini.

I got this bikini in the sale last year for about £5, so defiantly check out this years sales.






IMG_1609This ones got a nice little story to it. I went to visit the city Bath, I had no swimming things with me and we thought it would be a great idea to go to Bath Spa. If you get a chance defiantly go. Its a beautiful outdoor pool over a natural spring about 5 stories high. Gorgeous views.

So anyway I popped into Topshop and looked in there sale as I wasn’t overly fussed about what it looked like, just wanted something cheap. I found these little beauty s for around £5 each which is brilliant for Topshop. They don’t match but I like that about them.




IMG_1613This one is my eBay steal. I got it for £7 including postage. Its a Ed Hardy knock off but I still love it.

The I took a picture of the back of the bottoms just to show you a bit more detail.






IMG_1615This is probably my most “fashionable” bikini and also my most expensive bikini!

This one is from Topshop and I got this for around £35. Ouch.

I do have to say th0ugh it was well worth it. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture but its a caged bikini and iv never seen anything like it.





IMG_1619This bikini was actually from Ann Summers in the sale last year for £4.

I didn’t get any bottoms but I figured I would save the money and wear it with black or grey bottoms.






IMG_1617Last but defiantly not least is my all time favorite bikini from Newlook. Its a daisy print with rhinestones on it. I did have the bottoms but I think they got lost in the move 😦 but I can just wear it with plain black bottoms

This was around £12.99





I hope you enjoyed this and are enjoying the sunshine as much as me. xxx







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