My Fashion Wishlist

So recently iv seen some gorgeous fashion picks that I HAVE to have! It may take me a while because of there pricey’ness?? Saying that I think there totally worth it and will be real staple pieces in my wardrobe. Not everyone will like these but I love them!

  1. JungleCat_SleeveDress_05_1024x1024Jungle cat 3/4 sleeve dress from ..Not to everyone’s taste but this I think looks stunning. Especially on the model. I’ve found that a lot of animal print clothing can look a little bit tacky but in my opinion this is gorgeous. It retails for about £61.00..OUCH! They also do some other really unique pieces.
  2. GalaxyBlueSuspenders_05_1024x1024Staying with the black milk theme. These are suspenders. They also do various other colours and textures. You could wear these just as they are or with a cute mini dress or skirt. These also retail at around £61.
  3. NCTN0011_1 No idea what it is about this top that I love. Maybe the rips, spikes and slouchy’ness of it..yep defiantly my kinda thing! This is a steal compared the rest at just £13.62. Might have to snap this one up quickly! You can find this one at . They also offer free shipping worldwide.
  4. UntitledIt was defiantly the colours that drew me to this ring. It would look so beautiful in the sun. This one is from and retails for £12
  5. 275236101D1Last but defiantly not least are these spiked sandals from . These would add a edgy look to any outfit. These cost £15.99. Not bad new look..not bad!

I hope you liked my fashion picks. As I said my taste isn’t to everyone’s liking but that’s what makes us all unique. Id love to know whats on your wish list at the moment.  🙂

Have a beautiful day! xxx


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