Peacocks, sunburn and pizza

So its been another BEAUTIFUL day in England and I’m making the most of it.

As always here’s my outfit of the day…


Dress –  Topshop – £32 (I’ll link it down below. It also comes in petite sizes)

Tights –  Primark – £1.50

Shoes – Newlook – £10 (There were just some black polka dot flats)

Bracelet – Newlook – £4.00

So comfortable and it covers my shoulders…Although I have got a nice sore patch of sunburn on my neck as I put my hair up…No matter how much suncream I apply my pale skin always gets burnt 😦 Aloe Vera gel and a cold shower for me tonight…

I just wanted to show you my makeup for today. The colours look brill together and it kinda reminds me of a peacock. It needs some working on but here’s what iv come up with so far…IMG_1354IMG_1376

Here’s a close up —->

Here is a quick picture of what we had for lunch today at a cute little restaurant by the see. It was so tasty.


Have a lovely day/weekend and stay safe in the sun!!! xxxxx


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