Perfect day out

IMG_1342I had such a lovely day today and thought id share it with you all.

But first things first, heres my outfit of the day.IMG_1340

Top – Topshop – £20

Shorts – Republic – £15 (in the sale)

Headband – Ebay – £1.50

Sunglasses – Primark – £2.00

You cant see them in the outfit but I just wore some hound tooth print slip on shoes and they were also from Primark for around £6.00

I’m not sure if you can still get the shorts or not as Republic are closing down but there gorgeous and if you can get your hands on them..great!


After my boyfriend finished work we walked into town. It was way too nice out to sit inside! We grabbed something to eat at KFC (yum yum) and then headed over to play Crazy Golf, which is right next to the sea, perfect! I didn’t win but I did get a free game at the end of it.

Then we headed over to the duck pond and took a few snaps. I just wanted to show you this beautiful picture of the chickies, they were soooo cute!IMG_1339I hope you all had a lovely day. Id love to know what you got up to! xxx


3 thoughts on “Perfect day out

      • Will do. I am excited about finally getting to go to all the English stores that I see all the time in UK blogs. Primark especially!

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