The boyfriend tag

img.php So i’m sat here mega bored and looking for fun tags to do. I came across the boyfriend tag! Hes a bit reluctant but here goes…

The rules are you ask them the questions and they answer! Simple. I’ve skipped a few questions because there were a few pointless ones.

Il put what he said in Red and what I said in Green just to make it a tad clearer.

Where did we meet?  “Linx camp” which is a Christian Youth Camp

Where was our first date? “Cinema? Probably or Pizza Hut who knows!” It was actually at a Mexican restaurant

What was your first impression of me? “Shes a bloody nightmare” what were your actual impressions of me?? “Shes got a nice face”

When did you meet my family? “I met your sister before I met you, I met the rest of your family when I came over to watch films at your house and you fell asleep with your face on my face”

Weird habit of each others? “Where to start…sucking your thumb while stroking your hair..or walking like a duck…” His  probably is making funny noises out of no where…oh and he bites!

How long have we been together? “Since Christmas apparently” We didn’t really have a date so we thought Christmas would be a good date to have..

Do we have any traditions? “Pizza Hut on a weekly basis”..mmm Pizza Hut

An animal that resembles one another “Its a hard choice i’m stuck between a hamster and naked mole rat..If a hamster and a naked mole rat had a baby that grew to the size of a would be Rachel” Thanks! Hmm either a Jack Russel or Meer cat “Hey I don’t stand on my hind legs and look at things in the distance!”

First thing you noticed about me? ” You had a nice face”

What do we argue about the most? “What belongs in the flat and what doesn’t” *Holds up a very pretty cushion Rachel got the other day*

Do I have any weird obsessions? “Ye, Jeremy bloody Kyle!”

We didn’t like the rest of the questions so hes made up his own….321450_10152789116140162_2134016898_n

What annoys you most about me?Refusing to watch a film and when finally giving in normally enjoying it” Errm..eating really really..really loudly!

What would I eat every day if I could? “Pizza Hut..” His would be chocolate

So we had to stop because his hay fever was getting to sore..Bless! Hope you enjoyed and I’d love to see other peoples posts on this!

Have a gorgeous day! xxx



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