Avon Goodies

IMG_1191My sister has recently been looking to make some extra cash and decided to start selling Avon, which for me is a win win situation! I placed my order and soon enough came home to a big bag full of goodies.




1. Planet spa, Thailand lotus flower deep pore cleansing face mask – £3.30

As i am writing this blog iv currently got it on and first impressions are looking really good. It smells amazing, it doesn’t irritate the skin and its easy to apply.IMG_1195

Its extremely affordable at only £3.30 for 75ml. The packaging is cute. Its a lovely shade of lilac with a cute thai design on it.

Iv just washed it off and its left my skin feeling smooth and clean. It was unbelievably easy to wash off unlike some of the other face masks I have used.

Very impressed Avon. Cant wait to make this part of my skin routine.


2. Little black dress, Roll on antiperspirant -£1.30

Not sure if its just me but I find roll on deodorants have a really boring smell. Clean but boring. Id tried out a sample of the little black dress fragrance before and its really lovely. Unfortunately I have way too many perfumes to justify getting another one right now. Saw this in the magazine and thought it would be prefect.

At the price of £1.30 I will defiantly be repurchasing this as soon as it runs out.


3. Cherry Blossom fragrance mist – £2.00

This fragrance mist is divine. Not much else I can say about it. It has a true smell of cherry blossom and I love it. One thing I will say though is that its not very long lastly but with the price of £2.00 you can always re apply it as much as you want. Its also the perfect size (100ml) to pop into your hand bag

4. Daily Hair Refresher, Cherry Blossom – £1.20

Since I got the body mist I thought I would try out the Hair refresher in the same fragrance. I only wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week as it doesn’t need washing very much. This is a perfect way for me to refresh my hair and make it smell like its just been washed. Iv also heard that the heat from your head disperses fragrances really well.


5. Color Trend Nail Topcoat, Fuchsia Dazzler – £3.00 Please excuse the poorly painted nailIMG_1202 IMG_1204

Im showing the top coat over the nail varnish I have talked about below which is called Blue Morph. They cost £3.00 each or 2 for £4.00. Iv also inserted a picture of it by self. Its what it says on the tin. A purple glittery top coat with small and big glitters in. Very pretty.





6. Color Trend Nail Enamel, Blue Morph – £3.00IMG_1200

Not so impressed with this nail varnish so far. It takes at least 3 coats to get it anywhere near the color in the bottle. Saying that it is actually a really beautiful color. I haven’t testing the staying power yet so if you do want to know just comment below and I’m sure I’ll be able to let you know by then




7.Glamourstick Cosmic Eyeliner , Blackened Night – £2.99

I really struggled to get a accurate picture of it but its a really beautiful eyeliner. Its black with tiny blue and silver glitters in it. The eyeliner itself is creamy and easy to apply. Its also really smudge-able. Its self sharpening so no need to carry around a sharpener. I’m defiantly going to get a few more shades next time I make a order.



Im really impressed with everything that I got this time around and will defiantly be repurchasing all of it. You can find it all at avon.com and select the link to Shop Online.

Have a beautiful day xxx


3 thoughts on “Avon Goodies

  1. I’ve never bought anything from Avon, but I remember when it used to be a huge deal in the US when I was a kid. Everyone was obsessed with the Avon catalogs and going to the parties. Now, everyone is trying to sell Pampered Chef and Thirty-One bags…Anyway, nice post. It looks like you’ve got a lot of fun products to try out, and at least you can justify any future Avon spending as “helping your sister.” 😉

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