Primarks Nail Wraps

IMG_0808I was in primark the other day and saw their Nail Wraps. They were on sale for 50p!! Originally there £1 which is still a massive bargain. So I picked up a pack just to test them out. The ones I got as you can see..are leopard print with clear and orange sparkles on.

Iv tried nails wraps before and have a love-hate relationship with them you could say.  I find the sizing to be really off! Sure enough I found the primark sizing to be off as well. I don’t think I have odd sized nails?? The length is fine because you can trim/file them down but the its the width that is ether too wide or too narrow.IMG_0806

Application – Nail Wraps are easy enough to apply. You peel them off the sheet and stick them to your nails! Easy enough. You then file off the ends to neaten them up.

First Impressions – They feel cheap, like their going to peel off your nails as soon as you touch something but I think for a one evening use there perfect.

Removal – Simple and fast. Just peel them off with no   hassle of  nail varnish remover.The wash off the sticky residue.


  • The price
  • The design
  • The simpleness of the whole application and removal


  • The quality
  • They don’t last very long
  • The sizing is off (for me)

Overall I would say that I would buy them again for special events as they only last the evening but not for every day use.

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