Simple Blue Smokey Eyes ft Macs Sea&Sky Mineralized Eyeshadow

IMG_0796So its 7.30pm, bit of an odd time to be doing your makeup but I just fancied it!

This is a look that I wear really often when I go out at night. I think the colours are gorgeous and go with a lot of things.

This eyeshadow look is so simple! I’m not the greatest at eye makeup and even I can do this!

It’s also really versatile. You can swap the colours to match any outfit. All you need is two shades of the same colour and a matt black eyeshadow.

collageFirstly I do apologies for my poor poor attempt at showing you the steps of this look. Its my first attempt at showing something like this…give me a chance!!

  • Step 1 – Prime the eye with an eye primer. I used Urban Decays Primer Potion

(this is just so the colours show up more vibrant and last longer)

  • Step 2 – Apply the lightest shade all over the lid
  • Step 3 – Apply the darker shade to the outer half of the lid.
  • Step 4 – Apply a matte black shade in the outer corner and crease.
  • Step 5 – Blend together and apply Mascara
  • Step 6 – With a small brush line your lower lash line with the darker colour

That is it! Your done. How easy is that.


The colours I used were Macs Mineralized Eyeshadow in the shade Sea & Sky. Its one of the few Mac products I own and I have to say it was totally worth the money at £16.50.


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