Smokey Eyes and Dark Lips

blogIv tried for ages to try to make a dark eyes and dark lips work together and I think iv finally cracked it!

If you want to see how I do my foundation and what not just refer back to my previous makeup blog post.

For this makeup look I used the Urban Decay Smoked Palette, which I am in LOVE with!


Instead of using an eye primer I just used a Maybelline Expression Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in the colour Pink Gold. Iv found they work the same as an eye primer and adds a hint of colour.

I then used Mushroom all over the lid and Blackout in the crease line with a hint of Rockstar dabbed in the centre. I then used the remainder of the product on the brush just to line my lash line.


For the lips I applied a lip balm. Theres nothing worse than applying lipstick over chapped and dry lips. I used the lipstick Yves Rocher in the shade 106 Mauve

I applied a lip gloss from Miss Guided. It doesn’t have a colour title but it’s just a hot pink colour with blue undertones. I just applied this in the middle of my lips to make them look fuller.


 Heres a link just incase you want to check it out.

I hope you can get some inspiration from this 🙂 x


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