HD Brow Kit


Apologies for the lack of videos but iv been super busy! Too much to do and not enough hours in the day.

So this product is amazing. It’s the HD Brow Kit in Bombshell. I am guessing by the name it’s designed for blonde hair. However I think this product is great for someone like me who doesn’t like there brows to stick out a mile.

It comes with 4 great shades. I use the top left as a high light and the two bottom shades mixed together , depending on how dark I want them, to fill in my brows. I sometimes use the top right in my lash line if I don’t want to wear eyeliner.

The brush is great. I think it’s the only applicator that comes with a product that iv actually used. It has two ends. One is an angled brush with closely packed bristles for a defined look. The other side is much more flexible and rounded at the edge which is perfect for a sweep under the brow for the high light colour or for the darker colour under the lash line.

The packaging is lovely. It comes with a nice big mirror in the lid. The outer packaging is black with the logo on. It looks so sleek. Although the logo has rubbed off it a little.

This product costs around £19.99 but it is totally worth it. The staying power is great. It stays on all day.

So all in all..5 STARS!

Sorry this post is short and sweet but i just wanted to let you know that im still here and there will be many more fashion blog posts coming soon!



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