Outfit of the day #2

Meet my sisteIMG_0328blogr (right) and me on the left. We both have very different styles…yet they work for us!

In these outfits I think its our shoes that completely changes the feel of it, from quite girly to having a bit of a twist to it.

Featuring Doc Martens and New Rocks.

  • Outfit No.1
  • – Hat – Topshop £7
  • – Dress – Topshop £15
  • – Lace cardigan – T K Max £9.99
  • – Shoes – Doc Martens
  1. In this outfit I tried to incorporate different styles. For example I think the silkyness of the dress helps make the bluntness of the Doc Matens really stand out. The lace shows some skin without being over the top. One of my rules is – Accentuate one asset at a time….I don’t think I need to say anymore on that point.
  2. I also paired this outfit with some simple black tights, after all it is winter! and kept the accessories to a minimum.
  • Outfits No.2
  • – Leather Jacket – Charity shop – £5
  • – Maxi Skirt – International – £10
  • – Shoes – New Rocks – Ebay

This outfit is much more simple. I’m loving the maxi skirt style at the moment but still havent got round to getting one yet. It’s on my To-Do list!

I think that maxi skirts are so flattering on any body shape and can hide a multitude of sins! They are great for the winter as well. She could also pair this outfit with a crop top and a shorter leather jacket.


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